The wicked visuals don't limit themself to canvas. Several objects have already been subjected to artistic spraying to give them the ERROR404 look. Using everyday object to give that new appearance to a sculpture, shoes or a mobile case. The possibilities are endless! Especially if you are not a kind of person with a painting on the wall.

ERROR404 Sprayed elephant. ERROR404 Sprayed boots.
ERROR404 Sprayed telephone screen.

If a painting on the wall is not your thing, it's also possible to do the whole wall. Or make a toilet visit into an experience, get rid of the boring white and make the toilet seat react on laser! Depending on desire, any area, space, or empty corner can lend itself as a canvas. ERROR404 gives the kitchen a colorful upgrade, using kitchen supplies to make the patterns. Create an inspirational place in your living environment. For more information about the possibilities or any other questions you can contact ERROR404

ERROR404 Kitchen.
ERROR404 Kitchen.
ERROR404 Wall.

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